Be with family and friends,

Let us focus on capturing the moment...

We are a Father-Daughter team passionate about Quinceañera Portrait & Event Photography.

As a parent to a rapidly growing 12-year-old child, I wanted to find a creative outlet to share a common interest where I could champion her growth, watch her succeed, and participate in an idea to make it a reality. I handed her a camera and allowed her to explore her creativity through photography.

... and our passion together continues

We are learning together. Abby captures the candid shots and the expressions of people in the moment. Her desire to deliver photos that capture the moment's essence has become her passion. She only has a single event to her name, and this is only the beginning of the future of a prominent female photographer.


event photographer

Abby's most recent food discovery is sushi. She also loves to play games with her friends, and has an overall affection for education. When she is on the field with her camera, she's focused on capturing the moment, the feeling of how that person felt at that moment in time. She takes pride in what she does and looks to continuously improve each event she goes to.

a young photographer taking a photo of a quince laying on the ground
Dallas's youngest quince photographer candid shot


portrait & event photographer

A father of two, A DIY'er, and a day-dreamer with an interest in technology, I'm continuously thinking outside the box. I purchased a camera to start a hobby with my daughter in November 2023. While I do work full-time in the technology space, photography has given
me a creative outlet and a way to
break away from the computer screen. I have met so many amazing families with core family values and traditions. It has been an honor to capture their story for them to remember forever!

a dallas photographer riding his bike when not doing photo shoots
a dallas photographer with his daughter while not taking photo shoots

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