September 9, 2023

Quince Photo Locations in Dallas and Fort Worth

Turtle Creek Park - Dallas

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Turtle Creek Park

Between October and November, you'll experience trees turning different colors. This location is picturesque with multiple locations to choose from.

  • Green Grass and Tree coverage.
  • A lake for beautiful scerene backgrounds.
  • Bridges and river streams with beautiful green slopes of grass and rock work.
  • Beautiful walking pathways throughout the park.
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3333 Turtle Creek Blvd, Dallas, TX 75219

Clyde Warren Park - dallas

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Clyde Warren Park

In the heart of Dallas and surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, Clyde Warren Park offers small but nonetheless, fantastic photo opportunities! Friday-Sunday is the busiest time to go with big crowds and entertainment. At the end of the park, you'll find an interactive water feature that shoots out from the ground, a popular photo location amongst photographers, particularly at night when the water lights up!

  • Small park, difficult to find parking during the busiest days and times.
  • A great photo location if you are looking for towering buildings and a water fountain that shoots up in the air.
  • Great night shot location during the winter when Christmas lights are put up.
  • Public restrooms, a great place for children to play at the parks (under supervision, of course!).
  • Food and Drinks during normal business hours.
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2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy, Dallas, TX 75201

fort worth stockyards - fort worth

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Fort Worth Stock Yards

In old town Fort Worth, you'll be taken back to the early days of Texas. The western themed location offers plenty of photo opportunities and is a popular location for photographers. Arrive early if you want to beat the foot traffic. This location gets busy on the weekends after 10AM. Best time for photos is around 7am-9am but if you don't mind tourists, anytime is fine!

  • One of the best locations for a western-style themed shoot.
  • Multiple photo locations to choose from.
  • Across the street is the cacti garden, which is another great photo opportunity.
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131 E Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164

fort worth water gardens - fort worth

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Fort Worth Water Gardens

Deeper inside Fort Worth is an amazing park with stone structures and large water features. The main attraction is a recessed pathway that takes you down to the center of the water fountain. The water gardens are a must-see and a very popular choice amongst photographers!

  • Arrive early. The busiest time is Friday-Sunday. Paid parking around most of the park and sometimes difficult to find parking, be prepared.
  • Beautiful stone and brick features that offers a unique backdrop to photos.
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1502 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

grapevine vintage railroad museum - grapevine

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Grapevine Vintage Railroad Museum

While this location is a museum, you are free to walk up and near stationary train. This offers a great photo opportunity if you are looking for a train at a train station theme!

  • Access to the train appears to be open at all times.
  • Great photo opportunity for a train theme.
  • Not much foot traffic.
  • This location is relatively simple to do a photo shoot any time of day, the coverage above provides ample shade.
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707 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051

mandalay canal (quincelandia) - fort worth

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Mandalay Canal (Quincelandia)

Arguably the most used location for Quinceanera photography, this location packs tons of beautiful places with inspiration from Venitian architecture. You'll find plenty of Princesses walking about with their photographers, capturing some of their most memorable moments. Friday-Sunday is busy. expect to wait in line for some of the most popular spots.

  • Beautiful architecture with a river walkway and gondolas passing by on occasion.
  • A favorite amongst photographers for its picturesque architecture.
  • A very busy location, expect to wait for premium spots.
  • The best time to shoot is between 2-4 PM. Early hours or when the sunsets make this location difficult and somewhat challenging to photograph. The shade starts to darken the area and creates less than desirable backgrounds that this location is historically known for.
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prairie creek park - richardson

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Prairie Creek Park

A park nestled in the neighborhoods of Richardson, this park offers beautiful walking locations and a picturesque water fall that is a common location for photographers, particularly Quinceaneras taking photos.

  • A breathtaking waterfall feature with stonework that leads to the bottom of the waterfall.
  • Popular amongst Quince photographers, you may need to wait your turn to get a shot next to the waterfall.
  • Other beautiful locations around to take photos within the park system.
  • Dense tree coverage, 2-4 PM or 1 hour before sunset is best. Another location that can get too dark during early morning or late evening hours.
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2400 W Prairie Creek Dr, Richardson, TX 75080

fabrication yard - dallas

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Fabrication Yard

A mecca for artists and creatives alike. This is a one-of-a-kind location that offers a warehouse with graffitti as the main focal point. Don't let this grudgy location turn you the other way. Amazing photos are made at this location and it offers a unique photographic experience.

  • A run-down garage with graffiti where artists are free to paint the walls.
  • Great photo opportunities with colorful graffitti backdrops.
  • Relatively easy location for photoshoots any time of day with OCF (off-camera flash). The lighting will bounce through the interior of the buildings and create evenly distributed light assuming you have experience with OCF lighting.
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murrel park - flower mound

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Murrell Park

Murrell Park is a great place for sunset photos. You will often see Quinces taking their photos next to the riverbank on the rocks. This location does get busy on the weekends as folks stay here throughout the day to BBQ and spend time with family. Swimming is allowed here too! This is a great location but you must time it right to take photos here. The best time is dusk or dawn!

  • Trail 2 is the most popular location for photos. Once you get to the trail, you'll see a culdesac, park here and enjoy!
  • Quinceaneras exercise caution as you walk on the rocks, you don't want to misstep!
  • Busy during the weekends, expect a lot of families enjoying the weekend.
  • A popular destination for all genres of photography!
  • A large playground for photographers with different micro-habitats makes this location relatively simple to shoot at. While there is not too much tree coverage, the best time to shoot here is during sunrise or sunset. If planning sunset shots, arrive 1 hour earlier to prepare as the sun tends to creep rapidly when have a camera in hand!
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880 Simmons Rd, Flower Mound, TX 75022

adriatica village - McKinney

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Adriatica Village

An absolutely stunning location with a Mediterranean theme, this is another picturesque location that is quite popular with photographers. Adriatica Village has multiple locations to get that money shot. While the most popular locations are near the Chapel, you can find other photoshoot spots on the opposite side of the property next to Starbucks.

  • Popular amongst photographers with many wedding shoots, and often times, you will see a Quince getting her photoshoot done here.
  • This location becomes busy starting around 8 AM. Weekends are particularly busy, so plan to arrive early if you want to take some great shots near the chapel and lake.
  • Other photographic locations are next to Starbucks.
  • One of the most scenic locations for photography in the northeast quadrant of DFW, this location has multiple spots to do photo shoots but be warned, some areas are best shot at specific times of day.
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6602 Mediterranean Dr, McKinney, TX 75070

stone creek park - flower mound

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Stone Creek Park

A very popular location for photography that gets busy during the weekends. This is a surreal location that offers rock formations that make you feel like you are in a different state.

  • Watch your step. Rocks submerged in water may be slippery, so be careful.
  • Great photo opportunities.
  • The best time to shoot is about 30-45 minutes prior to sunset, or when there is overcast.
  • Offers unique photo shoots due to the rock formations
  • Due to the tree foliage, around 1 after before sunset seems best. Taking photos during the peak of the day casts too many shadows from the trees and onto your subject.
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1400 Fuqua Dr, Flower Mound, TX 75028