September 17, 2023

The discovery of Feggy's Crowns and the Artisanally-made Quinceanera Crown

A quinceanera being crowed during the ceremonial practice of swapping a tiara to the crown

First, let's preface this with a brief history of the Quinceanera Crown and its symbology.

Wearing a Quinceanera crown is essential in the Quinceañera celebration, which is significant in Latin American and Hispanic cultures. Also known as a tiara, the crown carries symbolic meaning and holds a special place in the celebration. Here's some essential information regarding the Quinceañera crown tradition:

  1. SYMBOLOGY OF ROYALTY: The Quinceañera crown is symbolic of the young girl's transition from childhood to womanhood. It represents her being a princess within the family, highlighting her importance and the significance of the celebration. During many Quinceañera celebrations, a special moment during the ceremony called the coronation presents the Quinceañera with her quince crown. During this ceremony, a close family member, often the mother or godmother, places the crown on the Quinceanera's head. This act symbolizes the Quinceanera's maturity and the recognition of her new role as a young woman in her community.
  2. THE CROWN STYLES: The crowns come in various styles, designs, and materials. They can be elaborate and decorative, often adorned with jewels, rhinestones, or other embellishments to enhance their regal appearance. In higher-end Coronas (which we will cover later), the Quinceañera may choose the design of the tiara to complement her dress or the overall theme of the celebration in much more detail!
  3. PERSONALIZED FOR YOU: While most families may choose a matching Crown at the dress store, families are beginning to personalize the crown to make it unique to the Quinceañera. This may involve engraving the Quinceanera's name and the date of the celebration on the crown or adding other meaningful elements or gems to match the dress. The most popular color of crowns is the rose gold quince crown, gold Quinceanera crown, pink quince crown, and the silver quince crown. The crowns for quince's come in many different shapes and colors to provide a genuinely unique crown. After crowning the Quinceañera, she wears it for the entire celebration. This is to symbolize that she is like a queen for the day. It's a cherished accessory that adds to her overall look and significance during the event.
  4. TIMELESS KEEPSAKE: After the Quinceañera celebration, the Quinceañera may keep her crown as a sentimental keepsake. It serves as a reminder of this important milestone in her life.

Different Latino cultures have different customs and preferences for the Quinceañera crown, which families may celebrate a more specific tradition that has been custom-tailored to their own celebration style and beliefs. Some families may opt for a simpler crown, while others prefer a more elaborate design. All-in-all, the crown symbolizes a girl's transition into womanhood and significance on this special day. It also represents her role within her community and family. The coronation ceremony by crowning the Quinceanera is an important moment for her, the family, and all guests during this time.

the quinceanera is officially crowned

So I asked myself, "what's all the hype about"?

I wanted to know more about feggy's crowns!

Being part of several Quinceanera Facebook groups, I couldn't help but see the outpour of happy clients shouting from the rooftops regarding their amazing experience with Feggy. I was very excited to start a conversation and ask so many questions!

The conversation was nothing short of amazing...

Our conversation started with me expressing my gratitude for what she has established in the community, but also touching on the process of the crown, her motto, her vision, and her mission to provide artisanally made Quinceanera crowns made in Mexico.

Customer Experience

After speaking with Feggy, it became evident that she doesn't drive this business as a simple storefront that sells crowns. No, no... she drives this business with a passion and desire to make the Quinceanera feel amazing about herself, this is her main goal! From start to finish, the entire process of ordering a crown is a custom-tailored experience for you, factoring in the wants and expectations of the crown such as different colors in gems and the overall frame design (mind you, over 250 different frame designs available!). Feggy's main factor in helping her clients choose the crown is the dress so one of the recommendations is to send a photo of the dress to help narrow down a starting point and begin from there. Aside from the dress, all notes and suggestions are taken into consideration by her clients to help craft the crown of their dreams!

The Crown Building Process

Once the client approves the final design of the crown, Feggy processes the order with the custom crown builder located in Jalisco, Mexico. The artisanal builders will take the order and get to work right away. This process may take as long as two whole months for the crown to be built and delivered. During this time, the builders will select the frame made of a malleable metal that can be easily contoured to the Quinceanera's scalp, (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) and one of the most significant selling points of a Feggy crown. Being that the crown can be compressed or bent during the event without breakage gives the Quinceanera a competitive advantage by not having to hold the crown during the entirety of the event. Chinese-made crowns, on the other hand, are not made with these pain points factored in. The soft and pliable metal the crown is constructed of relieves the Quinceanera from having to constantly adjust her crown (which becomes tiresome and uncomfortable for her throughout the event)! When the frame is chosen, they dip the frame in several metal solutions to create the reflective metallic look of the crown and to preserve the crown's brilliance. Once the metallurgy is complete, the gems are chosen and installed by hand and then polished to perfection.

Crown Delivery

Once the crown has been delivered to Feggy, she will ship it to the client. The crown is then tested by the client to ensure 100% satisfaction. If there is any issue with the frame or does not live to the expectation of the client, Feggy is quick to address the Crown and any issues the client identifies. For this reason, it is apparent that many folks love to work with Feggy's Crowns. Not only are her Crowns impeccable and custom designed specifically for the Quinceanera, but her customer service and support from start to finish which is considered a world-class customer service experience.

I had the opportunity to photograph a Feggy Crown!

This crown seemingly glistened in the sun, I knew there was something particularly unusual about the crown because it had a unique shimmer. At the time, I did not understand what a Feggy crown was, how naive of me! An observation of mine while covering this Quince's event is that the Quince did not have to fuss with her crown unlike other Quince's I've seen that had to hold or reposition the crown throughout the entire event even with continuous bending of the frame.

a feggy crown on a quinceanera posing for the camera

A sneak peek into Feggy's store in Pharr, TX

Feggy was so grateful to give me a virtual tour of her brick-and-mortar shop. As you can see, she lives and breathes Crowns and the different variety of crowns is amazing!

Are you in the area of McAllen or Pharr, TX? Visit Feggy's Crowns link to address

Sample Photos of Feggy's Crowns in all their glory!

Who is Feggy?

empowered | driven | adventurous

Hello, my name is Feggy, and I am the owner of Feggy's Crowns. I am a mother of three beautiful children who are the world to me! I am a wife to the most incredible man in my life, who has supported me from day one. If I'm not at school events supporting my children during after-school events, you'll find me at Feggy's Crowns taking orders and working with my wonderful customers!


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